About me

Hi, my name is Maciej and I’m a legal and moral philosopher.

My main fields of interest are law and morality relations, moral and legal luck, ethics of belief, philosophy of criminal law and higher education studies.

Currently, I’m a PI (in the position of assistant professor) in the Centre for Legal Education and Social Theory at the University of Wrocław (Wroclaw, Poland) in the research project ‘The impact of legal and institutional conditions on the educational experience of doctoral candidates in law’ (higher education studies, qualitative research, phenomenography) funded by the Polish National Science Centre’s (NCN) OPUS programme.

I’m also a (voluntary) co-investigator in the research project ‘Ethics of Institutional Beliefs’ (ethics of belief, social ontology, legal philosophy), financed by the NCN’s OPUS programme and carried out in the Department of Legal Theory at Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland).

Previously I worked as a postdoc in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics (INCET) at the Jagiellonian University in the research project ‘Deep uncertainties in bioethics: genetic research, preventive medicine, reproductive decisions (BIOUNCERTAINTY)’ (philosophy of science, bioethics) financed by ERC Starting Grant.

Moreover, I led two research projects (as a PI) in the Department of Legal Theory at Jagiellonian University: one on legal luck and another on Jonathan Haidt’s Durkheimian utilitarianism. I also worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy, Theory and History of Law at the Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland) and as a research assistant (in the project on justice in healthcare) in the Department of Professional Ethics at Jagiellonian University.

I did my PhD (with distinction) in Law at Jagiellonian University. My thesis concerned the influence of legal luck on criminal responsibility. My superviors were Prof. Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki and Prof. Adam Dyrda. Before I did my MA in Law and BA in Philosophy at Jagiellonian University. Currently, I am working on a second PhD thesis, this time in philosophy.

My amazing wife, Anna Juzaszek, is doing her PhD in legal sociology on the right to marry. She is a PI in the research project ‘The prohibition of entering into religious-only marriages from the perspective of human rights in Europe’ and a co-investigator and coordinator in the project ‘Marriage, pluralism and human rights in Europe’.

Offstage, I’m a beer geek (check my Untappd), a foodie and a proud owner of the fluffiest cat in the world – Szarlej. I love running, cooking and dancing (lindy hop & balboa).

You can also follow me on Twitter.